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Yurt glamping «Royal Gate» is located in the heart of natural harmony, on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul.

Upon arrival, you will immediately plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, while preserving the traditional heritage of this unique place. You will be greeted by exquisite yurts, gently embedded in the landscape and decorated with traditional elements, reminding you of the richness of Kyrgyzstan's culture.

The spacious room of the restaurant perfectly combines elements of modern design, authentic Turkic touches and offers our guests a variety of national dishes and exquisite world cuisine.

In the modern yurt camp «Royal Gate» there are not only yurts with all conditions, but also an open-air amphitheater where you can watch a movie, an observation deck from where you can enjoy the view of the turquoise waters of the charming lake. Issyk-Kul, Tien Shan mountain peaks and boundless skies.

Your stay here will leave an unforgettable impression and a deep sense of tranquility that will be with you long after you leave this magical corner.